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Westside Middle School Media Center

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We strive to maintain a collection of reading material (in paper and digital format)  that reflects the interests of our students and supports the academic rigor set by the state curriculum and the teachers at our school.  We allow students and teachers the opportunity to look through the books available to us for purchase; then they indicate what they would like for us to purchase and we do our best to procure the books they have requested.  We are also responsible for maintaining the supplies necessary for our teachers to make use of technological tools in their classrooms.  Along with Mr. Baly, our technology specialist, we try to keep the teachers equipment up to date and functioning properly.  Myra Sheram and I both enjoy working with students to help with their research, working with teachers to help provide the services and equipment they need to teach, and working with Dr. Hargis and Mr. Schneider to help make sure their vision for our school becomes a reality.  We love being at Westside Middle School!


In accordance with explicit instructions and directives mandated by the required Technology Plan here is a list of software we currently use:  

·         Chrome

·         Internet Explorer

·         Firefox

·         Infinite Campus

·         Microsoft Office

·         Open Office

·         Compass Learning

·         SRI

·         MAP

·         Milestones

·         Audacity

·         Write To Learn

·         Fast Forward

·         ActivInspire

·         Destiny


There may be others we use but do not appear here because I am human, and may have failed to list them.  It is, however, a good indication of the types of software we are using.  I did not list many of the web based applications, because they operate within the browser software listed.